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The Caribbean Park Group set up the first swimming with dolphins experience in the Dominican Republic, Manatí Park, a beautiful garden covering 80,000 m2 that contains more than 150 species of Caribbean flora and fauna grouped together in perfect harmony: dolphins, crocodiles, sea lions, iguanas, parrots, birds of prey, horses, orchids… A park where, as well as the extraordinary display of Dominican wildlife, the visitor can enjoy entertaining shows and exciting experiences in a complete sea lion and dolphin swim program. All of this takes place paying special care and attention to the conservation and promotion of nature, flora and fauna, as well as the ancestral Taíno culture and its handicrafts.


Thanks to the magnificent response from people, the Caribbean Park Group designed a new experience based on two ideas: the main attraction of the Dominican Republic, the sea, and something totally different to the activities offered on the island up till now.

Dolphin Island Park is the result of this work, and people seem to love it! The famous travel website Tripadvisor has just granted us the Certificate of Excellence award. If you like the sea, take a trip on our boat to Dolphin Island Park, an island situated half a mile from the shore, where you can swim with dolphins and sea lions in their natural habitat.

Our penultimate adventure is Dolphin Sea Aquarium Online Park, an underwater adventure surrounded by tropical fish and corals… and even a sunken submarine! And to finish, a relaxing afternoon party in the natural ocean water pools in Bávaro.

The Caribbean Park Group offers you the most complete experiences of the Dominican Republic. That’s why every experience includes the chance to see sharks and manta rays up close and completely free.

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