Blessed with crystal blue waters and a plethora of marine life, the Dominican Republic is famous for its fantastic snorkeling and diving activities.

Enjoy a fun party onboard a modern catamaran, that takes you on a tour of the Caribbean Sea, and offers you the chance to walk on the seabed, snorkel with sharks and manta rays, and swim in the warm waters of a natural pool in the Caribbean Sea.

Dolphin Sea Aquarium Online is the easiest way to explore the underwater world: It’s as simple as walking and breathing underwater! You’ll discover a submarine wreck, different reefs, and a wide variety of colorful fishes. Slip on the helmet which is attached to an air tube and you’re ready to start discovering and exploring the seabed, without getting your hair wet and without even taking your glasses off! One of our professional divers is on hand at all times to guarantee your safety.

Must be minimum 120 cm, or higher to join the underwater walk

¡Explore this natural aquarium!

To experience a magnificent natural aquarium, book our Dolphin Sea Aquarium Online half day tour and enjoy an unforgettable underwater walk.

Underwater Walk

Enjoy an underwater walk among tropical fish and corals, that will leads to a submarine wreck. After the magnificent underwater experience, you’ll have the opportunity to snorkel with sharks and manta rays, and enjoy an adorable show with sea lions, where each visitor will get an affectionate kiss from Wally, our intelligent sea lion.



Before going back to the base, you’ll have the chance to swim in the shallow water of a natural swimming pool in the Caribbean Sea, while dancing, listening to music and having fun!

Enjoy the trip on our comfortable catamaran, with tropical music, on-board drinks and live entertainment from the crew.



Just bring your bathing suits!

Visit Dolphin Sea Aquarium Online, a great trip on our catamaran to an underwater adventure with tropical fish and corals, and even a sunken submarine! Have fun at a relaxing afternoon party in the natural ocean water pools in Bavaro!

Celebrate the 17th Anniversary of Manati Park among Caribbean wildlife: dolphins, sea lions, crocodiles, iguanas, parrots, birds of prey, horses… fun shows and exciting experiences.

If you prefer the sea, sail in our speed boat to Dolphin Island Park, an island situated half a mile from the shore where you can swim with dolphins and sea lions in their natural habitat. Take advantage of our exclusive offer: a completely free encounter with sharks and manta rays.


Please check restrictions applicable to pregnant women and small children.



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